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Aletheia is a center dedicated to education and research on the current ongoing transformation of the human biological and mental condition. This transformation is intended as enhancement, yet we keep critical as well as sympathetic eye on it.

Aletheia is a commission within the Institute for Exponential Sciences.

We focus on the two major aspects of the changing human condition: health optimization and mind enhancement. Health optimization is practically anti-aging, while mind enhancement embraces the art of living at cyberage. 

We offer programmes:

1. Health enhancement & optimal living

The new training on the application of current biological findings to achieve optimal health. See more. We do this in cooperation with our partner organisation Eco-Altai.

2. The art of living at cyberage

Education, think-tanks and research on the new vision of the human being, as induced by current technological convergence of bio-, nano-, neuro- and digital technologies. See more

This inlcudes trainings: 

a. Enhancement-oriented art of living: contemporary Western thought

b. Enhancement-oriented art of living: Russian classical philosophy and art

c. Ethical and social aspects of human enhancement


Coming soon! 

Where is the boundary of the human? The new technological turn  

A series of 4 lectures and debates on Saturday 27 February, 5, 12  and  19 March  2016, 14.00-16.00


Venue: Lecture hall 147, Lipsius building, Cleveringaplaats 1 2311 BD Leiden (see:

The twentieth century has brought us innovations like information and bio- technology, or the genetic modification of  living beings. However, in the twenty-first century we will be able to dramatically change ourselves as well. The boundaries between nano-, bio- and information technology as well was cognitive sciences will disappear, and this will result in total control over dead and living nature. From the possibility to connect our brains to Internet to a world where the blind can see. 

Yet, the new possibilities imply also new problems. The challenges that convergent technologies confront us with, and what we can do to prepare ourselves will be considered in the series of meetings. 


Saturday 27 February

14:00 - 14:20 Tatjana Kochetkova (Ph.D. in philosophy, bioethicus) Humans, artificial by nature

14:20-14:40  Demian Zivkovic (president of the Institute of Exponential Sciences and head Ethics & Interdisciplinary future studies  The promise of exponential technologies

14:40-15:00  Matthijs Pontier (Ph.D. in Articificial Intelligence, co-editor Machine Medical Ethics) 

 Cognitive Enhancement: How can we make sure *everyone* benefits?

15:00- 16:00 Discussion panel



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