Dr. Tania Kochetkova is bio-ethicus, focusing at philosophical anthropology, art of living and philosophy of technology. Her main topic is the  new vision of the human being as result of the technolohical convergence (NIBC technologies). This includes the current transformation of the human condition and its social, ethical implications.


Her Ph.D at Radboud Universityof Nijmegen was dedicated to the dynamics of human condition by Vladimir Solovyov as compared to Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger and Ludwig Binswanger.

The focus of the research is the dynamics of human nature in the course of history and variability of the human condition, including social and cultural consequences of this variability. The current cultural and social transformation in the human condition has resulted in a paradigm shift in science and culture. One of the objectives of the study is that the current cultural paradigm undergoes transformation. This transformation concerns culture, social and political practices and individual psychological constellation.

After the defense of her doctoral dissertation, Tania conducted research at Utrecht University for Humanist Studies on the philosophical foundations of sustainable development. These included the  social causes of environmental destruction and the conditions for sustainable development as well as the inner side of sustainability : the relationship of man with nature and the role of the natural experience of subjective well-being and personal development . It is about the application of experience with nature to the personal development, self-realization and experiencing meaning of life with the orientation to eudaimonia or happiness as final goal.

At the University of Twente , she has lectured to students of medical science, bio-medical technology, and psychology. Through coming in touch with the research group of dr. Peter Paul Verbeek, she became involved in the investigation of the philosophical anthropological aspects of the new neuro-technological developments (deep-brain stimulation, neurofeedback).

Her other passion is Eastern philosophy, especially Taoism, Zen and Vedanta. Taoism is interesting example from the perspective of policy and consultation, as a way to non - forced, natural action in harmony with your environment and with yourself, as an art to still achieve the maximum results with minimal resistance.

Tania teaches courses in philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy Leusden. She is a guest lecturer at Fontys Minor Philosophy and Ethics, and  in environmental philosophy at Utrecht University.

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